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Environmental Protection Efforts
At Maruni, we are genuinely committed to solving environmental issues
<Environmental Policy>
Based upon our primary policy of weaving “gratitude” into our business and“cherishing the mother earth,” we aim to harmonize logistics business operations and environmental protection. We hold ourselves responsible for the prevention of environmental pollution and the effective utilization of natural resources.

Marni is aware of its responsibility as a global citizen, we are working to enact environmental philosophy in order to fulfill this responsibility to ensure.

Considering technological and financial conditions, we make great effort to reduce the impact which our business operations have upon the environment and make it a priority to carry out the following actions:
Pro-active implementation of the “cool & warm BIZ” program
Voluntary control of electrical use (environmentally-concerned settings of air- conditioning temperatures)
Energy conservation equipment - Eco ice and energy-saving devices
PPC paper usage reduction
Reduction of wastes created through non conformance with the quality management system
Maruni, on a company-wide basis, is proactively engaged in environmental protection, which includes our tree planting project.
Kenaf (or, deccan hemp) planting
Use of 100% recycled kenaf papers with a whiteness level of 70
Use of Soya oil-derived ink
In order to improve our environmental-related performances, we conduct regular internal environmental audits and management reviews; continuously enhancing our system of environmental management.
Member of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)
Eco mind - Pro-active participation in various environmental groups, including, The Green Trust Association of Japan
On the basis of continuously offering logistics solutions, backed by our outstanding track record and practices of concept creation and of planning based on our indigenously-developed software; we operate with the following basic principle of corporate activities:
“The Prevention of Environmental Pollution and the Effective Utilization of Natural Resources.”
At Maruni, we implement voluntary standards within our capacity on top of our responsibilities of environmental regulations, ordinances and other requirements in order to commit ourselves to furthering environmental protection and pollution prevention. We continue to establish environmental objectives and targets, which reflect operational conditions and conduct necessary revisions upon enforcement.