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The Realization and Implementation of Faster and more Advanced Logistics at Lower Costs
In order to achieve a faster, more advanced and more cost-competitive logistics style while accurately responding to today's ever changing economic needs and circumstances, Maruni conducts research and development (R & D), constantly pursuing a course of INNOVATION and serving as“THE BEST PARTNER”to our clients. We are pursuing these operations based on two pillars: R & D, to which we apply the Top-Down method, and small group projects, to which we employ the Bottom-Up approach.

We propel our R & D by centering on the Business Division, aiming for bolder and more innovative improvements in productivity. Needless to say, we search for the very latest in equipment and system, which will match our expectations in implementation widely around the globe. We even go a little further in considering deployment from multiple angles - scale, capability, cost, wave nature and instantaneous force. We comprehensively consider on the whole, what genuinely aids certain business operations in carrying out the most competitive deployment. We have the strongest of “barrier-breaking” spirits, thinking outside the box of existing logistics concepts when constructing the various Maruni innovative systems, all of which proudly exhibit our outstanding productivity. Our systems are built through an extensive and detailed process, ranging from reviewing each job slip in current use to the reorganization of your company's entire structure, together with indigenous development and utilization of practical and advanced computer systems for operational innovation. With regard to RFID(IC CHIPS), this has the potential to become a revolutionary tool, which we aim to implement and utilize in the logistics field in a tangible way. As such, we are now conducting test runs and further research with manufacturers at home and abroad and striving towards implementation.
Through accessing the latest technology and information from Japan and abroad, and through the quality information pipeline, we constantly maintain the most advanced informational environment the world has to offer.
Affiliated Organizations
・Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) - U.S.A.
・QR Promotion Conference
・Japan Institute of Logistics Systems
Other various organizations
In 1998, Maruni was awarded the “ISO 9001” license, the international standard for quality assurance, and a constant reminder of our persistent efforts towards improving our service quality. We will promote the lateral spread of this standard in all of our divisions.
We will operate our business with support from the Quality Control Division, aiming to encourage each employee's originality and ingenuity, to improve productivity through group activities, and to create lively, imaginative offices.

<MQCC (Maruni Quality Control for Communication) Group Activities>
At Maruni, we currently carry out 55 group activities based upon the “MQC Declaration.” Nearly 100 employees participate in external QC conventions each year. Not only as a direct result of QC activities, but also from an awareness of QC issues and data obtained through such activities have all lead to the development an active mindset and opinion, resulting in the very foundations for developing competent staff.
Through QC activities, we are improving Maruni's service and quality.
Through social contributions, we will create an enriched future.

<“My Proposal” System>
Maruni’s “My Proposal” System where any employee submits their ideas and opinions officially began in 1987. The annual total of proposals are over 2700. Such proposals to improve Maruni's operations have a positive effect. Proposals are implemented over a wide range of operational fields, from facilities and business operation methods to even the computer system.
Under the corporate culture of each employee pro-actively participating in corporate creation, all of our employees are engaged in self-development, continuously maintaining thier aspirations. In order to assist the continual progress of each employee and in order to assist them in maintaining his/her aspirations, since 1987 Maruni has provided various training courses which meet the needs of the time. (An attendance rate of 90% or higher!) Our employees are challenging themselves to acquire and improve their knowledge and skills, which match their operational section and level.
Each year at Maruni, we ask employees to submit mottos and the best of these are selected to become Maruni keywords for the year. All Maruni employees work towards further enhancement, and feel a strong sense of unity.
○A visible office, visible layout, visible work-flow and a visible system all enable problem-solving.
○An individual who is capable of noticing a circumstantial change and can respond/handle such a change, an employee like yourself opens a path to a brighter future for Maruni.

ISO 9001 Certification