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Innovative Information System
Members of our staff who actually have first-hand experiences in“logistics”deal with any consultations with our clients and develop a client-specific total system, which perfectly matches the needs of your company.

Our services are, clearly, to improve the efficiency of your company's logistics management, but our services are much more comprehensive: the designing and development of total system management solutions with 100% indigenous specifications in accordance with each of our client's business operations details and requirements. Our total system solutions include: the automatic issuance of individual slips/price tags/labels for each“deliver-to”company, and from the designing and developing of a system which assists in the saving of labor in logistics management operations - i.e. purchase order management programs for production (purchase), a stock reservation sorting programs, shipment instruction simplification programs - to the management of credit sale/credit/sales profit and loss, which is initiated by your company. Moreover, utilizing the various logistics data, we develop an entire logistics system to achieve an integrated and low-cost operation.
We construct various systems including store support and ABC inventory analysis. We will propose/develop a system to achieve an integrated and a low-cost operation as an entire logistics system.
We offer user-friendly logistics software based on our abundant experience, and do so quickly.
We have been engaged in the further enhancement of system security since 2005, and obtained“ISMS Certification”. In 2007, we were accredited with an international standard for information security, the“ISO/IEC 27001”certification. Moreover, we installed a data center (Server-Room), a room which offers an internal information security environment excelling in disaster prevention features such as quake-proof and fire-proof features. We carry out the creation of a“safer, more confidentiality-conscious, and environmentally concerned usage”system operation environment.
We are well aware the responsibility for the logistics operation of our clients (partners) and for meticulously managing personal information and information assets both of which are incorporated into logistics information. Through the accredited ISO/IEC 27001 certification, we transmit internally and externally taking the huge social responsibilities for handling our clients' logistics data and the significance of such responsibilities, extremely seriously.
Our system specialists apply constant improvements to our indigenously-developed systems so that our systems will better suit any changes in our clients' operational contents and needs. The system specialists acquire the latest information through regular meetings with our clients and the attending of internal and external seminars, looking into ideas which are in line with the trend of the times. When a system is constructed through these activities, it always bears a high added-value and will retain high standards throughout the course of your company's operational development, without becoming outdated.
We are aware of the trend in markets/trading places at all times, achieving streamlined high performance. We exercise a strong partnership through effective networking, linking us with our clients and our suppliers' systems, and interlocking our East and West bases, and furthermore, interlocking with systems of overseas companies.

■HOST TO HOST (Inter-host data exchange)
■PROTOCOL (Connection procedure)
 JCA, BSC, FNA, HDLC, TCP-IP, FTP, and many more
 Fujitsu (PRIMERGY Series)×5

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