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Management Policy
= The Best Partner to Our Clients =
Acting as the “best partner” of our clients, every employee at Maruni is committed to offering environmentally-conscious logistics services of sustainable competitiveness through ceaseless INNOVATION. Furthermore, through these business activities, we create challenging, enjoyable and lively offices, in order to contribute to our clients business partners, employees, shareholders, and to the bright future of our society.

Serving as the best partner to our clients, we continually aim toward higher “QUALITY” in standards, offering a service quality of sustainable competitiveness.
Based upon our primary policy of weaving “gratitude” into our business and “cherishing the mother earth,” we aim to harmonize logistics business operations and environmental protection. We hold ourselves responsible for the prevention of environmental pollution and the effective utilization of natural resources.
As a corporation which handles system-related information, our company recognizes that secure information asset management is one of our most significant corporate responsibilities, and strictly manage information assets with confidentiality, integrity and availability. Moreover, we declare that our information security agenda, which serves as a guideline for the above, is well-understood by every Maruni employee and that we will strictly adhere to the agenda.

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